Non-compliance to the POPI Act could cost you up to R10m and / or up to 10 years in prison

Why you must make every effort to become POPI compliant immediately.

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The most pressing need in Jeffreys Bay now is non-compliance with the POPI Act of which the due date for compliance WAS 1 July.

If you are holding and / or processing information the personal information of another, whether you are a company, a non-profit, a community housing scheme, a church, a school or a business (sole prop, small or large), and you have not yet registered your information officer and POPIA policy with the information regulator you are UNLAWFULLY holding and processing the information of another.

You need not live with a sword over your head!

Let me help you to protect your interests by getting you POPIA (and PAIA) compliant quickly, easily and effectively.

One of your concerns might be the cost to become POPIA compliant.

Rest assured I will take the size of your entity, and the amount of work, into consideration on providing you with a quote.

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  1. As I am passionate about community development, I pledge 10% of my time to community upliftment and development.[]

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